TODD RONE PARKER / Creative Director

CA Lottery | Powerball Launch

Believe in something bigger

For the highly anticipated launch of Powerball in California, we wanted to create a campaign that felt nothing like typical lottery advertising. We avoided things like Ferraris, yachts and mansions, and focused instead on connecting with people on an emotional level. We wanted to speak to that tiny voice deep down inside that says, “what if?” And so, we enlisted the power of belief. Because, the truth is, somebody, somewhere is going to win. Why not you?


The approach proved effective in what became the most successful lottery launch in US history.

For weeks leading up to the launch, this word started to surface all over the state.

To give people proof that impossible things can happen through the power of belief, we featured iconic moments throughout history where enormous odds were defied by believing.


To create further intrigue around the launch of Powerball, we worked with street artist, Kurt Perschke, to place gigantic red balls all over California.

Online, a twitter-based website encouraged people to share their own California Dreams by using the hashtag #CAdream. The site featured white balls falling like snow, allowing you to hover over them to explore and discover what people would do if they won.

We even held a Facebook contest that gave people the chance to upload their own version of the song, California Dreamin’. There were some doozies.